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Eye care in Stanhope

Stanhope eye doctor
Stanhope eye doctor

If you are looking for a great optometric practice where you can have an eye exam and then buy eyeglasses or contact lenses all under the same roof, you will want to visit us at Stanhope Eye Associates. At our practice, our Stanhope eye doctor will be able to provide you with a comprehensive eye exam, or contact lens exam and fitting, and you will then be able to purchase an exciting new pair of designer eyeglasses or contact lenses right here at our vision practice.

Many patients enjoy the fact that we offer this one-stop shopping. They find it saves them both time and money, since our prices are very competitive. Patients also come to see our Stanhope eye doctor for many different types of vision services. We are happy to have several expert optometrist on staff; Dr. Elena Martinez is just one of our top-notch optometrists. Our eye doctors are able to diagnose and treat many different types of eye problems. Diseases of the eye which our Stanhope eye doctor is able to treat or manage are: glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye, pink eye, as well as treat corneal abrasions and remove foreign bodies from the eyes.

Whether you are having a comprehensive eye exam, or a contact lens exam and fitting, our eye doctor will test your eyes for many different eye diseases and disorders. Among the many eye diseases that your eyes will be screened for during an exam are: glaucoma; cataracts; macular degeneration; diabetic retinopathy; retinal tears; dry eyes; and other problems of the cornea, macula, and retina. During both exams your eyes will also be screened for any refractive errors. If it is determined that you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, our Stanhope eye doctor will be able to write a vision prescription for you which will have you seeing clearly again. If you are having a contact lens exam, our eye doctor will also take measurements of the curvature of your cornea as well as the size of your iris. This information is used as part of your vision prescription to ensure that your new contact lenses will fit you precisely. Our optometrist will also make sure that you get the right type of contact lenses to work with your particular vision problem. Today even patients with astigmatism or dry eye are able to comfortably receive vision correction with contact lenses. For an appointment to meet with our Stanhope eye doctor, contact us today.

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