Sports vision Stanhope

Sports Vision Stanhope

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Sports vision care in Stanhope

Sports vision Stanhope
Sports vision Stanhope

At Sparta Eye Associates our doctor specializes in eye surgery, eye conditions and diseases and laser vision surgery. We also treat those who need sports vision care and goggles, glasses or lenses that require special treatment for playing or engaging in sports. Our sports vision Stanhope offices are convenient and offer hours that fit our patient’s schedules. Sports vision is an important exam that all athletes who compete should have done at least once to check their eyes for top performance.

Athletes need to care for their eyes properly and to ensure that they are seeing as clearly as possible. That’s why sports vision Stanhope testing can determine vision clarity in athletes and what necessary changes need to be made to enhance vision, if necessary. A sports vision exam is more involved than a regular vision exam. Our doctors test using specific standards to check for enhanced vision, depending on the needs of the patient. It tests for things like hand-eye coordination, perception of depth, and eye tracking. It can help improve performance and training. Tests include checking for refractive errors, ocular alignment tests that evaluate how the eyes work in tandem, and eye dominance. This is determined by having the athlete focus on objects as they move closer to tell which eye is dominant, which can affect vision.

Besides sports vision Stanhope testing, we also offer regular eye exams and a wide range of glasses, contact lenses and eye disease testing. Our facilities are top notch and equipped with the latest accessories and eyeglasses to make life easier. We have something for everyone and in every style. Our experienced doctor and staff know how to make patients feel comfortable when they’re here, and to make sure they’re treated like family. For more information about general eye exams and sports vision exams, call us today.

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